Find the right way!

Turtle Trails is the new exciting puzzle game for Android that improves your problem solving skills.

Help the turtle find its way through the jungle with the lowest number of moves.

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the Stars of the game get to know them

Jim Turtle

Jim is the protagonist in Turtle Trails. Help him reach his goal at the end of the jungle.

Leo Lion

When Leo isn't busy eating, he enjoys laying around and sleeping.

Baby Turtle

The little turtle appears only rarely. It can use the same paths as Jim and makes his life hard.

Charly C.

Charly may look scary with his large fork. He is, however, a peace-loving vegetarian. He, too, often stands in Jim's path.

Hugo Hippo

Hugo enjoys being in water the most. Sometimes he comes on land, but only to block Jim's path.

Spence Spider

Spence actually only likes eating insects. But Jim is afraid of spiders and would rather avoid Spence.

Mick Monkey

Constantly in search of bananas, Mick finds his way onto the paths too often.

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